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Dont Have Time

We are a small Central Coast, NSW business who understands how valuable your time is.  If you constantly hear yourself say, 'I just dont have time', please, let us give you back the time you need. 

Word Of Mouth Service Award Winner 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Contact Jenny & Jess today: 0413 148 637 or Email


Dont Have Time

We are a small Central Coast, NSW business who understands how valuable your time is.  If you constantly hear yourself say, 'I just dont have time', please, let us give you back the time you need. 

Word Of Mouth Service Award Winner 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Contact Jenny & Jess today: 0413 148 637 or Email


Why use us

We are a small local business, dedicated to looking after you! We have awesome staff who can look after the majority of your household needs and give you back the TIME you desperately seek. Life is too short, and weekends even shorter! How many times do you say ‘if only I had time’, or ‘I must get to that’. Maybe you moved in 3 weeks ago, but still have boxes to unpack, or you simply fear tax time, and all that filing is looking most ominous. Dont Have Time can help. 

We are fully insured, fully equipped, fast, efficient, DHT trained, police checked, uniformed, hard working & most obliging AND we just won WOMO's 2017 award, our 6th award in 6 years!  But please, do not simply take our word for it, check us out on WOMO.





One dedicated and amazing team

Our DHT team is DHT trained, DHT equipped, police checked and passionate about attending to your needs.

  • Housekeeping services
  • Gardening/home maintenance
  • Account Keeping & Admin services
  • Organising trades, through to opening up your home & managing this while you work or relax.  

A local family, a local business

We are a family-orientated Central Coast business.  We know our staff well & they feel like extended family.  We do not know how to do it any differently.  We created DHT around our children & understand how hard balancing work, kids & home can be.  So Dont Have Time was born.  TIME is precious, let us help you find more of it.  


We care about your home and the environment

Rest assured that all of our cleaning products are family and environmentally friendly.  If you have an allergy, we will accommodate you, and we always ask permission if we feel bleach needs to be used to whiten grout in the bathroom where regular cleaning has failed.  


Our services

Your time is valuable, and in high demand.  That is why we are committed to giving you a service that gives you exactly what you need. More time to enjoy the things you like, and less spent doing the things you dont like.  

Our services

Your time is valuable, and in high demand.  That is why we are committed to giving you a service that gives you exactly what you need. More time to enjoy the things you like, and less spent doing the things you dont like.  

For all those things you don't have time for!

If you can't find the time to do it, we're here to help you! We are based on the Central Coast in NSW, but all of our staff are locally hired & employed, trained and police checked by us for your security & assurance of quality of clean. 

Don't take our word for it, click here to see what our customers have to say via Word Of Mouth Online.

Housekeeping Services  

All our cleaning products are family & environment friendly and our employees are police checked, DHT trained, DHT equipped & insured to look after you and your home.  

  • General cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Window cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Polishing shoes
  • Making beds
  • Fridge cleaning
  • Vacuuming and washing floors
  • Drop your car to the mechanic
  • Open up for tradesmen, lock up upon completion
  • Or just getting down right and dirty and cleaning under, around, behind & inside those things you never find time to do.
  • Tidying
  • De-cluttering and organising your home
  • Hanging out laundry, wash, dry & fold
  • Pick up your dry cleaning, or simply dropping off. 
  • Unpacking after a move or help packing for a move
  • Preparing house for a party
  • Regular weekly & fortnightly cleans
  • One-off Spring Cleans - casual rates
  • Holiday rental cleans (Clean up, clear fridge, putting the rubbish out etc.)
  • Concierge services available - please just ask
  • And just about anything else you can think of!

Typing, Admin & Bookkeeping Services 

Let us know what you need, bookkeeping, typing, filing, invoicing, reconciling or just helping to collate information for tax time.  We are happy and experienced to help.  We now proudly include a monthly registered accountant health checkup to ensure we keep you on track.  

Shopping Services 

Would you like us to do your shopping for you?  We can ensure you enjoy your holiday house/apartment or just relieve you of that weekly chore. Perfect for parties, busy weekends, or if you are on holidays and want to arrive to a stocked fridge.

PRODUCTS FOR SALE - click on our 'shop' button 

We also now offer products for sale to compliment your clean home, or add to your gift voucher as something tangible to give with the gift of time!  

- Locally made soy candles & diffusers with fresh scents to spice up your home

- Amazing and reasonably priced microfibres that will amaze you cleaning your stove top, through to your soap scum in the bathroom.  Save time, money and no chemicals!  And yes, our staff use them too!  Range from $10-12 on average!  

-Eco friendly products to reduce your footprint, such as timber dish brushes, through to cleaning products that will not scar the environment while you clean!  

-Goats milk soaps from a Tamworth Goat farm, yum yum!  They smell and feel great!  

HOURLY RATES - one set of rates for all our services

  • Weekly housekeeping ****  - $50 ph  inc. (min 2hours)
  • Fortnightly housekeeping **** - $53 ph inc. ( min 2 hours)
  • Gardening/Maintenance services - $55 ph inc OR at your regular housekeeping rate if a regular client. 
  • Last Minute Casual  - $70.00 ph inc. (min 2 hour) - that's anything that isn't weekly or fortnightly
  • Move out clean - $70 ph inc gst, or for regular clients $55 ph inc gst.   
  • Accounting services $70 ph inc gst
  • Administration services $55 ph inc gst (on site - min 2 hour booking)
  • Other home maintenance - painting services, paving etc  - $70 ph inc gst **plus products
  • For decluttering & organising - $55 ph inc gst - there may be additional charges for rubbish removal & storage purchased to sort & store & organise your items.

****For regular jobs, we do not require you to sign a contract to obtain your weekly rate, but you will need to pay for a small establishment fee of $60 inc gst.  This merely reimburses our team for their time collating photos, along with creation of your personal folder & job sheet/s, and entering your details into our system.  Ensuring consistent care of your property going forward and ensuring you don't have to say the same thing twice!  :)  



DeCluttering/Filing/Housekeeping/Cleaning/Ironing/Laundry/Shopping - One rate or package, made easy

Step 1: Select whether you would prefer to pay by the hour or purchase a package

Step 2: Select what package or how many hours you would like

Step 3: Select the frequency of your service, this can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or casual as you need it.  

Step 4: Email jenny@donthavetime.com.au with your desired date you wish to begin, and anything specific to your property, for e.g., we have Bamboo floors, please use care when cleaning or please do not let Jasper the cat out!  

From here, Jenny & Jess will get back to you asap with dates & times to book you for your first DHT service.  

Payment terms:  An invoice will be sent via email, payment is required before or on day of service and received by direct deposit or you can use our credit/debit card payment options (for a small 2% fee), see bottom of our website page (scroll down) for pay account online.  :)  


Because you're worth it PACKAGE DEALS: Includes quick dust, wiping bench tops, bathrooms cleaned, vacuum & mop floors. NOTE: Kitchen incl's benches & outside of cupboards wiped, but additional charges for washing dishes or cleaning ovens as to be expected with packages below.

***NOTE: packages are fortnightly or weekly but can be sold as a casual service where you prepay 3 packages at once.  

You couldn't even swing a cat
  • 1 bathroom, 1- 2 bedrooms, small eat in kitchen, lounge/laundry, floors - $100 inc***
70's rocked
  • 1 bathroom cleaned, up to 3 bedrooms, laundry/kitchen/dining & lounge room, floors = $150 inc***
The Brady bunch
  • 2  bathrooms, 3-4 bedrooms, laundry/kitchen/dining/family & lounge room,  1 storey = $170 inc or 2 storey = $220 inc***
The Penthouse
  • 3 bathrooms, 3-5 bedrooms, laundry/kitchen/dining/family & lounge room, sitting room, stair case, ** floors - $250 inc.  ***
  • **Where property is larger than this, multiple stories, or larger than the above example - A QUOTE will be required.

I have 'lost my house', please find it again....

This package is for those who do not know where to begin, maybe they have lost access to a room, or maybe their entire house looks like a salvation army drop off zone rather than home!  These declutter jobs cannot be quoted without being costly, so instead we were going to provide a starter pack of time **extra to this will be any storage items required to be purchased for your items. Please advise if you need this before ordering one of these packages/rates.  

  • 3 hrs = $195 inc (1 person for 3 hours)
  • 6 hrs = $390 inc (often this means 2 people go out for 3 hours)
  • 9 hrs = $585 inc (we try to have 3 people for 3 hours on this rate - giving you the most efficient service, fastest way to get on top of a room) **we also try to ensure we include within those 3 people an organiser, so as we clean and clear, the organiser is able to put those things you wish to keep in an organised place.  Making the process a complete package.  

NOTE: Decluttering requires you to be home, we need you to advise if you want to keep, throw out, give away or sell an item (recouping some of your declutter costs).  The most effective declutters are where people are able to be decisive with what they are willing to let go.  Please also be aware that these jobs take a long time, one room can be a 9 hour job!  Hence why quoting can be an impossible task, majority of clients declutters revolve around unpacking boxed items and emptying them into piles, cleaning the space & organising items back into that space to provide the most room back for the client.   Where items are to be given away, we take straight to our local Salvation Army store.   **We are also fortunate to have a wonderful professional organiser as part of our team.  Great for moving in jobs, or pre sales declutters through to setting up a home office, or revise your kitchen!  

WE ALSO CAN PACK YOUR ITEMS READY FOR MOVING HOUSE!!  Just ask us for our rate, inclusive of boxes or exclusive of boxes. 

Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery cleaning

We use expert sub contractors to ensure you get the best rate & the best service for your property. NOTE: we cannot guarantee all stains will come out, but we will always ensure you our contractors will do their absolute best to ensure your carpet looks refreshed, ready for another year! Or maybe, completed on time, ready for rental inspection or that new arrival! QUOTE required - but can be provided over the phone, minimum charge $100 inc.  **Please advise if you would like dry cleaning service or steam cleaning service, we can provide either or with our connected service providers.  

**Please speak with Jenny to ensure you fit the package you desire & if you choose to use a package as your casual service, please be aware there may be an added cost of 1 hour to accomodate the extra time required to complete the initial service to get your property up to speed.  

***If you would like ironing, tidying, dishwashing, oven cleaning, blind cleaning, window cleaning, or anything extra added onto a package, you may use our hourly rates on top of your package price.  These extras are billed in 15 min increments.  

Majority of our client base use and prefer the flexibility of our hourly rate so you can change your needs week to week, please use our hourly rates for your service **see below,

If unsure of what would suit your needs, please contact Jenny, as she can provide you with an approximate amount of time we would require to look after your needs within your home & whether a package or hourly rate would work best for you. Whether the package suits you or the hourly rate, we are happy to help.  

If you decide a package is not for you, we can cater to your specific requirements by working on a by the hour based service, rates are listed aBOVE. You never need to pay for things you do not want. 


We are excited to now be offering the Central Coast & Gold Coast Garden & Home Maintenance services.  We have three fit green thumbed men able to look after all your garden needs, whether you just want your lawns mowed, your garden kept beautiful each fortnight, or help in creating that amazing yard or garden you have always wanted.  Maybe you have lost your mower in the backyard jungle!!  We can now look after you.  ***Please see specials via our Facebook page & our offers on www.womo.com.au

Concierge Services

These services are free to access for our regular clients.  ****note: FREE service to obtain, but where concierge required on your property, or where external services are engaged, a fee for our time will be invoiced.  

Services include:

  • To arrange a tradesman to come to your home
  • Organise a dog walker, pet sitter
  • Organise your grocery delivery, or maybe arrange a regular fresh fruit/vege delivery for you
  • We are are able to send out a police checked employee to your home to open up, and ensure tradesmen are supervised in your home.  We can also arrange payment on your behalf once work has been completed.  
  • If hired to accompany a tradesman, we may engage in light duties such as tidying, wiping benches, making beds while awaiting  tradesman to finish.  
  • To pick up and drop off dry cleaning, or general items
  • To drop off car to be serviced & picked up, or arrange to be detailed
  • To do last minute tasks, such as 'pick up item from A and deliver it to B'  **hourly rate plus petrol may be charged.  
  • To arrange people to coordinate an event, or locate appropriate trades on your behalf 
  • To ensure you can continue working, even though your washing machine has died, we will arrange appliance tradesman & manage access to property by request of client.    

** Email Jenny@donthavetime.com.au for further information.  

Bookkeeping For Small Business & OR Qualified accountant  

We understand how small business works, and how your day doesn't end just because it's 5pm, so having an accountant who will be contactable in the evening via email makes a huge difference.  We have a qualified CPA accountant who works from home and is available to look after you.  We also have administrators who will come to your home or office and can scan documents and file to enable our accountant to look after you remotely or we can provide a bookkeeper to work in your office.  Let us know how we can take more things off your list so you have more time to work on your business and not in it!  

REQUIREMENTS: Must have internet based software, or be willing to move to an internet based software provider like XERO, Quickbooks or MYOB online.  Email Jenny@donthavetime.com.au for further information on how we can help you regularly or casually.

Administration rates  - $55 ph on site, $50 ph via cloud based program - (scanning documents & filing on site)

Accounting/bookkeeping -  $70 ph inc gst

‘BAS Agent services are provided by Michelle Louise Anne Doorey, Registered Agent No. 25233819’

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The team

The team

Our team

We are a passionate team, not just a group of individuals. So you can be sure you get a ‘fresh’ housekeeper who wants to look after you, always. We hire local staff, most often mums who are looking for that elusive flexible job between school hours and we do our best to to keep good staff, for longer! And most importantly, if we sell you 4 hours, we will be there for 4 hours. If we complete your job sheet within that time, we will endeavour to do extras until our 4 hours is complete. Such as making beds, putting washing out, folding washing, tidying toys, extra cleaning that we may not have done within the job sheet initially.

We love our customers! Don't take our word for it, see what others have to say - Click here

We love our customers! Don't take our word for it, see what others have to say - Click here

Our families, our company and your family are important to us.

Our families, our company and your family are important to us.

The ladies even hung the washing out for me this week and accepted a parcel from the courier. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have someone anticipate needs even when it’s not on a job sheet and take the initiative to be helpful!
Everything good. Lovely to arrive home and the house is spotless. It’s also nice that the house doesn’t smell like chemicals. The fact that things are moved to clean under and behind but then put back exactly as they we’re is brilliant.
I have once again signed up to use the cleaning services of Donthavetime. I have missed them dearly. Melissa cleaned my house last Friday and I was so impressed by the amazing job she did. Can’t wait for my next clean.
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Contact Us

Contact Us

We want to make it so easy to look after you, all it takes is one call or email & we will organise what you need. 

Jenny DHT Owner/Manager

PH: 0413 148 637

EMAIL: jenny@donthavetime.com.au

Jessica DHT Office Coordinator

PH: 0413 111 449

EMAIL: info@donthavetime.com.au

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Please note that an additional 2% fee will be required if paying online due to credit card fees. If you would like to pay online, please ensure that you add 2% to your total and include this in your final amount. To avoid paying this fee, you are welcome to pay via direct deposit; details for this will be listed on your invoice.

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PAYMENT METHODS: Direct Deposit or Cash AND Credit CARD