Organic Household Cleaners


Organic Household Cleaners


These cleaners are made from 100% natural ingredients which means a safe home for you and your family. 

• Contains only ingredients certified for organic input

• All ingredients plant derived and biodegradable

• No synthetic chemicals

• Grey water and septic safe

• Non-toxic

• No animal testing or sources

• Australian made and owned.


And yes the Oven cleaner REALLY works!  Tested also on the inside of a bbq, amazing results.  Do not expect it to 'fall off', this product can be used without gloves (rinse well afterwards) but isn't like any traditional oven cleaner and no nasty cough while cleaning it.  But do leave on for a little bit before attempting to wipe/scrub off.  Would work great on really greasy exhaust fans as well!  Fantastic addition to most homes, to keep on top of their bbq & oven cleaning if used regularly.  :)  It's that easy!  


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